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Amplify your gaming experience with Exodus, providing you with plenty of exclusive features and immutable protection.
See below for a list of some of the features included in this version.
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Some of our most notable Features
  • Name Spoofing (Custom, IP Mocking, Name Mocking)
  • IP Spoofing (Custom, IP Mocking)
  • Reliable Crash Protections
  • Customizable Protections
  • Best Trolling Features (Delete Horse, Launch Upwards, Increase Bounty, Force Parley, Cancel Parley, Force Defensive, Force Unarmed, etc...)
  • Sky Editor
  • Recovery (Bounty XP, Regular XP, Trader XP, Gold, Role Unlocks)
  • Full Wardrobe Editor
  • Model Changer
  • Off The Radar
  • Powerful Crash
  • ASI Loader
  • Soundboard
  • Pets
  • Teleport players remotely
  • Lua API
  • Telekinesis & Bounce Mode
  • Kick Player from Session!
Injection Process
  1. Make sure you have redeemed your license.
  2. Disable any Anti-Virus software including Windows Defender temporarily.
  3. Download Xenos Injector from the official GitHub repository & this product from your Exodus library.
  4. Extract Xenos from Xenos_2.3.2.7z using a free file archiver like 7-Zip or WinRAR.
  5. Add an exclusion for the Xenos folder/Xenos64.exe and the Exodus DLL to Windows Security or other Anti-Virus software.
  6. Open the 64-bit Xenos injector (Xenos64.exe) and add the downloaded Exodus DLL to it.
  7. Start Red Dead Redemption 2.
  8. Select Freemode in the Online Main Menu.
  9. After 10 seconds, select RDR2.exe as process in the Xenos Injector and click Inject.

Available Editions

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