Exodus RDR2 Update v1.043/44

November 4, 2023


We've improved. And fixed.


Now you can write your own extensions of the menu without having to wait a month for the next feature update!
All resources and documentation, for both users and developers alike, can be found in the new Exodus Documentation. Shoutout Ducky for the original docs. 🦆

You can reach the renewed site by clicking the Documentation option on the side bar, or by clicking the button below.

Lua API Documentation
Force Cower, Flee & Death

Force these actions on players to make their character cower, flee or die, whichever your preference might be.
You can troll people using these features without causing any major harm, just the right amount.

Force actions
Voice Recording

Record players voice chat activity with two new options.

You can export what was being said in that session by the selected player until you click on Export Voice or you can clip what they are saying in real time, with a toggle.

Patch 1.044

  • Added Force Relay
  • Fixed crash on Auto Waypoint teleportation
  • Fixed localization hang
  • Fixed long injection time


  • Added Lua API
  • Improved crash
  • Added Force Cower to Trolling player menus
  • Added Force Flee to Trolling player menus
  • Added Force Death to Trolling player menus
  • Added Add to Whitelist to search menu
  • Added Send Message to player menus
  • Added Live Voice Recording to player menus
  • Added Export Voice to player menus
  • Fixed a bug with crash protection
  • Added whitelisted scripts to Proximity Rate Limiter
  • Added ground snow
  • Improved security
  • Added all script names to Script Manager
  • Fixed a bug with Script Manager
  • Fixed a bug where soundboard would crash with voice chat disabled
  • Fixed a bug with controller support
  • Fixed a bug with particle gun