Exodus RDR2 Lite Update v1.041/42

September 29, 2023


Take a look at some of the highlights of this update, you can also find the full changelog in this article.

Proximity Rate Limit

Entity spam can be battled by enabling this option, customize your rate limiter settings for the best results, based on how you play the game.


You can choose to exclude certain players from the menu protections, avoiding false positives from trusted gamers.

Patch 1.042

  • Fixed a bug in script event protection
Themes & UI
  • Added Info Box Group Background to Settings > Theme
  • Improved geo info box UI
  • Improved player info box UI
  • Improved colour info box UI
  • Fixed recent issue with request errors


Self Player
  • Added Wanted Level Multiplier
  • Added Anti Tackle
  • Added Anti Hogtie
  • Added Anti Lasso
  • Added Always Clean
  • Added Sticky Hats
  • Added Always Clean to player mount options
  • Added Shadow option to player menus
  • Added Whitelist
    • Added Add to Whitelist option to player menus
  • Added Proximity Rate Limit
  • Improved crash protection
  • Fixed a bug in script event protection
  • Fixed a bug in task protection
  • Added Exclude Posse Members to Aimbot options
  • Added Exclude Friends to Aimbot options
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved product stability
  • Fixed a bug where certain numpad keys were not able to be used when setting a hotkey
  • Fixed a bug where loading a malformed creation would prevent subsequent loading
  • Fixed a bug where certain features would intermittently stop functioning
  • Fixed a bug where certain ASI features would cause a significant drop in FPS
  • Fixed a bug where certain toasts would incorrectly display truncated text