Exodus RDR2 Update v1.040

August 6, 2023


We are happy to announce that the long awaited feature update is finally here!
Take a look at some of the highlights of this update, you can also find the full changelog in this article.

Teleport other players

This feature allows you to move gamers around the map, get them closer to you by teleporting a select player or the whole session.
Transportation has never been easier.

Player teleport

Play any sound files you have placed in your Exodus Soundboard folder to fellow players in your session, they can even hear you when you are nowhere near them.
You can spoof the source of the sound to someone else or go incognito and let them wonder where the Discord notification and W10 error sound is coming from.

Keep in mind that this feature only supports WAV files, MP3s will need to be converted.

Launch Player

Make them jump. Enough said.

Player jump
Get all Roles

You can now unlock and get the Hunter, Naturalist, Moonshiner, Trader and Collector roles easily without grinding out the 30 levels manually.

Roles recovery


Self Player
  • Fixed being able to be executed while invincibility is toggled
  • Added Stealth Super Jump to existing option
  • Added Teleport player options to player menus
  • Moved Teleport to Player to new teleport menu
  • Added Soundboard to player menus (only WAV files are supported)
  • Added more teleport locations to teleport menu
  • Added Launch player to trolling menu
  • Added Kill player to trolling menu
  • Added Delete Horse to horse trolling menu
  • Added Voice submenu (Enable Feedback, Gain Multiplier, Spoof Player, Invisible Speaker, Audio Corruption, True Proximity)
  • Added Voice submenu (Block Spoofing, Disable Incoming)
  • Added Super Jump modder detection
  • Added Anim Scene settings
  • Updated crash protections
  • Added Buy all roles
  • Added Max bounty hunter, naturalist, moonshiner, trader and collector
  • Added Increase Health
  • Added Increase Stamina
  • Added Increase Deadeye
  • Fixed Lag issue introduced in 1.039
  • Fixed duplicate Pet spawning
  • Added some missing plants to spawner
  • Added Gold Loot to ped pool menu (peds will die with a gold bar on them)
  • Improved Toast UI
The Exodus project turned a year old on the 2nd of August, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to our journey by sharing their creations, experiences or purchased the RDR2 Menu. Keep on marching on.