Exodus RDR2 Update v1.036/37

June 10, 2023

RDR2 patch 1.037

  • Fixed an oversight in crash protections
Player Removal
  • Improved crash option

RDR2 version 1.036

  • Added Speech protection submenu in network events to prevent forced speech
  • Added Ghosting submenu, offering defense against malicious ghosters
    • Added Counter Ghost, automating the process of countering ghosting players
  • Added Projectile submenu to protections, offering thorough checks for projectile-related griefing
  • Added Looped PTFX submenu to protections, including comprehensive range and attachment validation
  • Added always-enabled Screen effect protection
  • Added Shadow Attackers, providing additional measures against griefers
  • Added "Nag"
Player Removal
  • Added a new crash option
Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Fixed the FFFFFFFF error introduced by Rockstar
  • Optimized default protection settings for a smoother user experience